Impactful Trailer - how you'll be inspired by what impacts others

Impactful is the show where I speak to someone about what has impacted them most in their life. This could be a book that changed their perspective, a tool that made your life better or just a small thing that brings them joy. Hopefully, you'll come away from this conversation feeling inspired or with new things to explore.

You can expect a short, 10-15 minute show every week that you can digest over your lunch break, your morning walk, or even when you're doing the dishes.

I'll be talking to entrepreneurs, indie hackers, well-known founders, and other interesting people that I bump into throughout my life. I want to hear the things that have really changed people's lives and find out why.

I'm James McKinven, a podcast producer and host of the indie bites show. I'm finding inspiration in the conversations I have off-air with others when talking about the most impactful things in their lives and I want to share that with you.

I hope you find this show useful, entertaining and thought-provoking. See you in the first episode.
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